We’re wrapping up our first round of feedback and are super-excited to open our next open call on June 1st.  Patrons get first crack at our 50-submission cap; we take fiction up to 2500 words or 2 pages of poetry (up to 2 poems).

I wanted to take a quick capsule look at our first round:

  • 19% fiction / 81% poetry
  • Most submissions came from the general public and received FREE feedback.
  • Early feedback we’ve received asks us to lean in on harder criticism a little more.  We hear you, but also recognize that might not be for everyone.  We’re responding to this by updating our submissions form to include the opportunity for some additional direction on the kind of feedback you’re after.

Would also like to take the time to express gratitude to the reading team: ASHLEY WARLICK & SKANDA PRASAD.  They’re volunteering their time to write feedback and have shown a TON of faith & patience as we’ve worked to bring this project to life.  They deserve applause and nice notes, so please don’t hesitate!

Finally, I wanted to thank our patrons.  Whether you’re chipping in for the opportunity to get feedback on your work every single month or whether you just want to help us broaden the availability of quality, honest creative writing feedback to writers everywhere, please know we appreciate you.  Helping to foster and develop creativity is truly at the center of our mission, and we’re so pleased to have you in our corner.

Thanks & all my best,