About Us

Writers thrive on feedback.  Sometimes that can be hard to come by.  Pencilhouse endeavors to provide writers high-quality at low to no cost.  This project represents the first step in that mission.  

In my own writing life, great feedback has always felt like a chore to go out and get. Folks in writing groups I’ve been in over the years have almost always said that they’re after even more feedback.  In the year of work I’ve done editing the journal Zero Readers and offering full feedback for all of its submissions, I’ve come to realize that an organization offering writing feedback as its core service is worth giving a real shot.  Pencilhouse is the product of that realization, and this is the first foundational brick in what we’re trying to build into a larger nonprofit with broader offerings.   

Here’s how we envision that working: we’ll make open calls for submissions, similar to how a literary journal might—with caps based on available workload.  As a Pencilhouse patron, you’ll get first crack at those open calls.  We’re starting at 35 submissions (up to 2 pages of poetry or 10 double-spaced pages of prose) and will adjust as our capacity allows, with an aim for monthly calls at minimum.  We’ll read your work and write full feedback, including handwritten line notes—pretty much what you might expect to get in a workshop environment.